Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Local Gems - Sacramento Food Co-op

I LOVE the Sacramento Food Co-op! I feel like I am not only supporting my own health by shopping there (whenever I can), but also that I am helping support a local community business focused on providing healthy and sustainable foods and products for those living in their community. The Co-op begain in 1973 as a food purchasing group. They expanded a couple of times over the years, and now have a store conveniently located in downtown Sacramento. Their purpose:

"To be a trusted source of natural foods and products, and a reliable resource for consumer information."

They have a great selection of natural, organic and grass-fed foods and products. Which is great! They also have a bulk herb section and an essential oils section which supplies most all of the essential oils for any projects on my blog.

BUT, probably my favorite thing about the co-op is all the great classes they offer.  From gardening, to fermenting, to growing your own foods, the co-op, partnering with other great places like Soil Born Farms, offers classes and reasonable rates.  If you are an owner at the co-op, which is like being a member or different ;), you get a discount on most all classes as well.

"2001 marked the year that we first opened the doors to our Co-op Community Learning Center, adjacent to the Sacramento store and home to cooking classes, health seminars and a variety of owner meetings and special events. We are committed to serving our Co-op owners and supporting our community through consumer education, owner meetings and events, outreach activities and charitable programs and projects."
I highly recommend checking them out if you haven't already! :)