Monday, June 16, 2014

Homemade Natural Deodorant

As part of my homesteading journey, and my desire to be more natural and more prepared should anything happen to us financially or otherwise, I have been researching various "do-it-yourself" natural cleaners and toiletries.  The first one I was able to try was this recipe for home made deodorant from Oh Lardy.

My friend Jackie introduced me to this as it is the one she uses as well. When I first used it, I warned my coworkers that I was trying my home made deodorant and for them to please let me know if they can smell my BO. :)  I have great coworkers so this went over with much joking, but they informed my at the end of the day that they didn't' smell me at all. Trial one successful. I have been using it for over a month now!

The second big trial which happened naturally, was when we went backpacking for 3 nights (Friday - Monday) just a couple of weeks ago. I was only able to apply the deodorant on Friday before we left. Let me tell you that it works! Even sticking my face in my armpit (you know you have done it before, too, so don't lie) I barely had any BO compared with other camping trips I have been on for less time! I am sold on natural deodorant!

Ingredient List:


Mix all of your ingredients together and store in a small jar in your bathroom.  Deodorant will be a paste.  To use, scoop small pea sized out with your finger or orange stick and apply with your fingers like a lotion. Use more if needed.

Purpose behind ingredients and Why it works!

Body odor is caused by bacteria which grows in the moist areas such as your under arms.

  • Both coconut oil and the essential oils suggested have natural antibacterial qualities which keep these little buggers from growing and smelling.  
  • The essential oils also have a pleasant smell that is good in and of itself. :)
  • Baking soda neutralizes the acids produced by the bacteria and help to maintain a normal PH under our arms which also controls smell
  • Bentonite Clay and Arrowroot powder (or other starch) absorbs sweat as well as the toxins that exit your body in your sweat.  Bentonite Clay is a well known detoxifying agent use in facial masks, body masks and also internally for detox purposes.

Now for the caveat... Coconut oil will liquefy at temps over 76 degrees. I have it on my upstairs bathroom counter and the coconut oil separates from the solids. This happens because my upstairs bathroom doesn't stay cool enough and the oil liquefies. Because the container I used was just big enough that the deodorant filled it to the top, this caused a small oil mess on my counter for the first couple of days (until I used enough out of the jar). I currently use a small nail tool to stir my deodorant before using, but I plan to alter my next batch with beeswax to make it more solid. I will post that recipe as I make it. :)