Friday, May 23, 2014

A bit of history...

Let me start my blog with a little bit of history... I have always been interested in gardening, nature, herbalism, home remedies and the like, I had never really had the means to perhaps the focus to really do much about it.  All these ideas that run through my brain (did I mention I am a Gemini?) , and I would start up one thing, and then get distracted with another.. "squirrel!!".My husband, we will call him Caveman, not because he is paleo, but because he is old fashioned in allot of ways, and because I truly believe he would hit me over the head with a club and drag me off into a cave if he thought he could get away with it! haha! :) We moved in together in 2008, and shortly after that, he lost his job as a truck driver due to the downturn in construction. At that time, my husband decided to build a garden, to keep himself busy and to help supplement the family (we had 4 children still at home at the time) with fresh produce. We had more zucchini and swiss chard than we knew what to do with, our peppers were sad, and our tomatoes flourished.Much to our relief, Caveman found another job shortly after he got the garden in, but he had been out of work for 6 months. This was an eye opening time for us on many levels and we began to focus on gardening and food stores. This was at the beginning of the recession and jobs were tenuous.  We didn't think we could survive if either one of us lost our job again. Having a food storage supply made us feel more comfortable and it was nice to have things always on hand. Caveman built a FIFO from scratch in our office just outside the pantry which works wonderfully. I will post pictures and direction on later.
The following year we decide to get some chickens. I firmly believe that if your raise your own animals your guaranteed healthier food to eat, and I love home grown free range eggs. It is a great idea!
Youngest made us a scare crow!